Catheterization Operation Set
URO Systerm
IV Start Kit
Shaving Prep Tray
Tracheostomy Care Tray
Kit Product
Foley Catheterization Tray
Irrigation Tray
Tracheostomy Care Tray
Shaving Prep Tray
IV Start Kit
Gynaecological Instrument Kit
URO Systerm
Catheterization Operation Set
Piston Irrigation Tray
Bag Product
Enteral Delivery Set
Enteral Feeding Spike Set
Enema Bag
Sitz Bath Bag
Urinary Drainage Bag CBE02
Urinary Drainage Bag CBE03
Urinary Drainage Leg Bag CBF01
Urinary Drainage Leg Bag CBF02
Urinary Drainage Bag CBE01
Economy Urinary Drainage Bag CBG01
Economy Urinary Drainage Bag CBG02
Silicone Product
100% Silicone Foley Catheter
Silicone Drainage Tube
Silicone Wound Drainage System
Closed Wound Drainage System Product
Closed Wound Drainage System(spring)
Closed Wound Drainage System(hollow)
Plastic Product
Straight Wall Urine Cup
Ear and Ulcer Syringes
Vaginal Speculum
Medical Filter(Funnel)
Medical Collector(Fecal Collector)
Graduated Measures
Catheter Product
Suction Flexible Yankauer
Suction Connecting Tube
Respiration Product
The CPR Mask provides a physical barrier between the rescuer and victim,eliminating direct contact of the rescuer's lips with the unknown subject .
The CPR Mask promotes an airtight seal to the face allowing ventilation through both the mouth and nose simultaneously.Proper training in ventilation and CPR should be obtained before using this device
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