Catheterization Operation Set
URO Systerm
IV Start Kit
Shaving Prep Tray
Tracheostomy Care Tray
Kit Product
Foley Catheterization Tray
Irrigation Tray
Tracheostomy Care Tray
Shaving Prep Tray
IV Start Kit
Gynaecological Instrument Kit
URO Systerm
Catheterization Operation Set
Piston Irrigation Tray
Bag Product
Enteral Delivery Set
Enteral Feeding Spike Set
Enema Bag
Sitz Bath Bag
Urinary Drainage Bag CBE02
Urinary Drainage Bag CBE03
Urinary Drainage Leg Bag CBF01
Urinary Drainage Leg Bag CBF02
Urinary Drainage Bag CBE01
Economy Urinary Drainage Bag CBG01
Economy Urinary Drainage Bag CBG02
Silicone Product
100% Silicone Foley Catheter
Silicone Drainage Tube
Silicone Wound Drainage System
Closed Wound Drainage System Product
Closed Wound Drainage System(spring)
Closed Wound Drainage System(hollow)
Plastic Product
Straight Wall Urine Cup
Ear and Ulcer Syringes
Vaginal Speculum
Medical Filter(Funnel)
Medical Collector(Fecal Collector)
Graduated Measures
Catheter Product
Suction Flexible Yankauer
Suction Connecting Tube
Respiration Product
Foley Catheterization Tray

These sterile kits are ldeal for self-catheterization training or for when disposal of urine is not readily available,It is designed to have all the necessary components packaged in one user friendly system.
CAA04 Component
1 Foley Catheter,14Fr
1 Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-reflux Drip Chamber
1 Pre-filled 10ml Syringe of Sterile Water
2 Dry Swabs
1 Vinyl Powder-free Gloves
1 Waterproof drape,Under pad
1 Fenestrated Drape
1 Lubricating jelly.5g/Packing.Water Soluble
3 Povidong-lodine Swab sticks,3 Pieces/Packing
1 Specimen Container,4OZ
1 Patient Label

Irrigation Tray

The lrrigation Syringe offers uninterrupted action in a Single-Hand Technigue for maximum control of drawn or expelled volume.The barrel features raised,large and easy-to-read graduations.
CAB01 Component
1 1000cc Outer Tray
1 500cc Graduated Container
1 60cc Bulb lrrigation Syringe
1 Alcohol Prep Pad
1 Waterproof Underpad

Tracheostomy Care Tray

ALL full range of our Tracheostomy Care Tray features the latest components for efficient and convenient performance of this important infection control task. Designed dy clinicians, these Latex-free trays provide for the individual needs of each patient.
CAC04 Component
1 Three-Compartment Tray   1 Trach Brush
1 Trach Gauze, 4"*4"               3 Pipe Cleaner
1 Trach Tie                                4 Gauze Sponge,4"*4"
2 Cotton Tipped Applicator    1 Vinyl Gloves,powder-free
1 Waterpeoof Underpad        2 Hydrogen Peroxide

Shaving Prep Tray

Shaving Prep Tray is ideal for swift,easy shave preps and are quickly discarded with minimal cleanup time.It contains all the necessary components for pre-operative shaving procedure. Disposable tray and instruments eliminate risk of cross infection.
CAD01 Component
1 Plastic Two-Compatment Tray
1 Double Edge Razor
2 Cotton Tipped Applicators,3"
1 Soap-impregnated Sponge
2 Absorbent Towel
1 Waterproof Underpad Gauze Sponges
1 Gauze Sponges ,2"*2"

IV Start Kit

Our IV Start Kit was designed to allow clinicians to provide excellent patient care with quality products, while streamlining components,reducing waste,and offering cost-effective supply solutions.
CAE01 Component
1 Alcohol Prep Pad
1 PVP Prep Pad 
2 Gauze Sponges.2"*2"
1 Transparent Dressing
1 Tape 3/4"*18"
1 Tourniquet,Latex-free.3/4"*18"
1 Patient ID Label

Gynaecological Instrument Kit

Gynecological device set is mainly used in gynecological check.
Aseptic peel package and skin package.

URO Systerm
Usually we will use the URO SYSTEM with the Silicone Catheter,
which is for leading urine during the operation.
CAI02 Component
2Gauzes  3��x3��
1Box of the gauze balls
6Gauze balls
1Blue butadiene-arylonitrile gloves
1Prefilled syringe with 10%glycerin and 90% distilled water
1Empty syringe
1PVC forcep 
1Waterproof towel paper 60x60cm
1White garbage bag 25x32cm
Catheterization Operation Set
Catheterization Operation Set
Usually we will use the URO SYSTEM with the Silicone Catheter,
which is for leading urine during the operation.
CAI03 Component
3Gauze balls
1PVC gloves
1Prefilled syringes with 10% Glycerin and 90% Distilled water
2PVC forceps
1Waterproof towel paper
Piston Irrigation Tray
Piston Irrigation Tray
The irrigation Syringe offers uninterrupted action
in a Single-Hand Technique for maximum control of drawn or expelled volume.
The barrel features raised, large and easy-to-read graduations
CAB02 Component
1 1000cc Outer Tray
1 500cc Graduated Container
1 60cc Piston Irrigation Syringe
1 Alcohol Prep Pad
1 Waterproof Under pad
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